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    Municipality of Strovolos


Last update: 17-02-2023 07:30

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The adaptation measure implemented by the Municipality of Strovolos is related to the greening of 1909m2 of unexploited public area at Georgiou Iona Street. Within the area, a botanical garden is created with plants highly harmonized in the natural environment of the area. The plants have been specifically selected due to their reduced irrigation needs and drought-resistant water requirements. The planting techniques which have been used aim at water retention at the level of plant rhizosphere. As regards irrigation water, a drilling has been constructed so as to ensure its availability. In addition, all pathways’ coatings are covered with water-permeable materials for the sufficient infiltration of rainwater. The plan also includes the construction of a fitness area which will produce energy through the use of fitness equipment.

Monitoring: The Municipality of Strovolos has installed an automatic station within the area which measures, every 10 min, air temperature, relative humidity, precipitation as well as infiltration. Real-time measurements as well as daily trend of these indicators can be found below.

Additionally, the municipality has installed a meteorological station nearby to compare air temperature and relative humidity from an abandoned area without any interventions (reference station). Data from the second non-automatic station can be found on data history.

Masterplan of the innovative adaptive park area in the municipality of Strovolos
Central PAVILLION is an innovative constructions with green roofs and use of recycled materials.
Botanical garden with drought resistant plants/ Plant techniques for enhancing water retention/ Rainwater collection system/ Use of advanced irrigation systems/ Use of permeable materials/ Fitness equipment producing energy
Station for measuring environmental indicators in the Municipality of Strovolos

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