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    Municipality of Reggio Emilia


Last update: 13-02-2023 13:20

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The municipality of Reggio Emilia has chosen 24 adaptation projects already envisaged in Municipal programming and strengthened, where possible, the adaptive aspects for actions not yet definitively designed. In this way, Reggio Emilia has guaranteed the realization of more green and soft adaptation measures than those initially planned, also integrating some adaptation measures and criteria into the planning institutional tools.

Monitoring: Municipality of Reggio Emilia has chosen to monitor the adaptation measure implemented in the parking area of Mediopadana train station. For this end, one automatic station has been installed near the parking area which measures, every 10 min, air temperature, relative humidity, precipitation as well as infiltration. Real-time measurements as well as daily trend of these indicators can be found below.

Additionally, the municipality has installed two other non-automatic stations nearby to compare air temperature and relative humidity from an area without any interventions (reference stations). Data from these stations can be found on data history.

Mediopadana AV Railstation parking redevelopment
Main automatic station located within the parking area where the adaption interventions are implemented
Two non-automatic stations installed nearby parking area for comparison purposes

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